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Want to get ahead? Get friends to help. Crowd Sourcing in action
FlockEdu is an 'Open Market for Learning and Teaching Adults' across the UK and is now in the process of using Crowd Sourcing to gather investment through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

The origins of FlockEdu are in founder Morna Simpson and what we see now is a result of her enlistment of the goodwill of an online community who came together after a call by Morna through Twitter (@girlgeeks) for help. Over three weekends, 31 part-time developers and media experts met at what Morna describes as “HackDays” to create the foundations of the Company. In keeping with Morna’s ethos to return value to the community that built the original FlockEdu offering, each of these persons was gifted a share in the Company.

Although initially created through sweat equity and by boot strapping her own resources, FlockEdu is now in the process of using Crowd Sourcing to gather investment to the value of £87K through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme which offers tax relief to investors who subscribe for shares and have a stake of less than 30 per cent in the new company.

FlockEdu is an “Open Market for Learning and Teaching Adults” across the UK. It is designed to connect teachers with learners on-line and with low-cost venues for face-to-face classes.  FlockEdu offers subscribers support in building courses, advertising classes, developing career networks, sharing online resources and identifying suitable venues for different teaching and learning clusters. Its aims are to support existing learning programmes with supported study and to engage the public in life-long learning. This year FlockEdu aims to build teaching and learning communities across key cities in the UK in fields as diverse as Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Arts and Culture, and Creative Technology.

Customers will also be able to see what FlockEdu can offer when its on-line brochure goes live in Q3/2012.

Hear what Morna has to say about Crowdsourcing, its pros and cons at “Collaborate to Innovate: Open Innovation, SME’s, Motives For and Barriers to Collaboration” at BioCity Scotland on May 31st and June 1st. Register now.


The workshop is organised by Roslin BioCentre in association with the City of Edinburgh Council Open Innovation Project. The project is funded by the European Union Interreg IVB NWE Programme.  This programme provides partial funding for transnational projects in the  North West European Co-operation Zone over the period 2007-2013.  The priority areas for the programme are :  Innovation; Environmental challenges; Connectivity, and: Promoting strong and prosperous communities. The NWE Zone includes:  France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Switzerland.

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Sunday 29th April 2012

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